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How much does junk removal cost?

A typical junk removal service will charge by the truck load and by the hour for (for manual labor). Junk removal costs will always vary depending on how much junk has to be removed from the premises. Contact us for a quote on how much your junk removal project will cost.

Will your junk removal company throw all of my stuff away?

While Junk Be Gone is similar to most junk removal companies in how effective we perform our service, our certified technicians will go the extra mile for your project. Our staff is trained to set aside items that may be of value. Once these items are identified, the rest of your junk will be safely hauled away.

Do I have to do any of the lifting myself?

No. Junk Be Gone will provide your project with as many capable technicians necessary to complete your junk removal job with ease.

Is Junk Be Gone insured and bonded?

Yes. Our employees are fully insured, granting you peace of mind during your junk removal project. A listing of certifications and insurance is available upon request.